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WiFi Hacker version for windows is one of the most searches WiFi crackers which can be run on all Windows Operating Systems. So you are free and YOU CAN hack WiFi Network Passwords from Windows without complicating situation with Backtrack, Kali and generally from Linux and Aircrack and other tools.

Why is this software so specially?

  1. Professional WiFi Cracker/Hacker ca be used directly for windows and run an all Windows Operating Systems.
  2. Professional WiFi Cracker is the fastest wifi passwords hacker from the world. You can crack wifi networks passwords from 1 minute to max 20-30 minutes depending by your WiFi Adaptor or WiFi Network. So there is now problem if the password have more than 25 letters,  it could be cracked successfully;
  3. Professional WiFi Cracker can successfully crack ANY ENCRYPTION TYPE so the cracking ware is 100%.
  4. Your identity is 100% safe because your MAC Address is faked when you crack and when you connect to internet. So you can use this without a care.
  5. Professional WiFi Hacker/Cracker work great on Windows Phone too.
  6. Automatically Free Updates.
  7. Automatically Detect and crack Hidden Networks

I think the words aren’t enough to understand you can take a look at this video to see this wonderful WiFi Hacker:

Professional WiFi Hacker don’t contain methods like Brouteforce, Dictionary Attack, handshake descriptor or other methods used often from Linux so this is the reason why this WiFi/Wireless Hacker is so fast.

Of course this WiFi Networks Hack have implemented an SAFE MODULE where you can fake your MAC address so the network owner will never know if you use their network as you can se below:. It contain other safe modules tool.

wifi hacker fake mac safe

 Professional WiFi Cracker can be downloaded at the following mirror:

download wifi hacker free

Professional WiFi Hacker/Cracker was tested over by 1.000 people and working rate for this software is 100% in normal and have already cracked over by 3500 Wifi Password and counting really fast.
This Advanced Hack for WiFi Networks is capable to crack any encryption like WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPS PIN, and other and will continue to work every time because our team is updating this software automatically for any type on encryption.

How to use Professional WiFi Cracker:

             This cracker for WiFi/Wireless Networks is designed to be use by anyone  so you don’t have to know terms such as WPA, WPA2-PSK, WEP, handshake and other terms.

    1. Is strongly recommended to change your MAC address before starting. So, go to Left Corner >> Security >>Click “Fake MAC
    2. Select you WiFi network Adapter from the list (will appear automatically on the list).\n\n3. Press button “Scan” to see networks which can be cracked by this software and select desired network to be cracked.
    3. Click “Start Cracking Process” button and wait.
    4. PS:Depending by your network Adapter and by password length it may take from 1 minutes to 20-30 minutes so be patience.

Enjoy the fastest wifi cracker!

Of course this great wifi hacker software can be updated automatically to be sure that you have the best tool as below:

professional wifi cracker updates

If you have any trouble feel free to contact us ad support@how-to-hack-wifi.net and we will respond you as quickly as possible!

Other screenshots with Professional WiFi Hacker/Cracker:

hacking wifi networks

preview professional wifi cracker

wifi networks hacker

wifi network hacking

And after some minutes of working with best wifi hacker, voila:

 wireless network password cracked

WiFi Network Password successfully Cracked!


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